Wednesday, 25 September 2013

How to Remodel a Travel Trailer Tips

So, the vintage floral pattern in your travel trailer is not your style? While thousands of people put their travel trailers to good use each year, not all of them are happy with the decor. Fortunately, there are ways to make your trailer's interior more reflective of your personal style.


Redecorating Tips

    New curtains can really change the look and feel of a travel trailer.
    New curtains can really change the look and feel of a travel trailer.

    Get new drapes. Measure your travel trailer's windows, both width and length, with your measuring tape. Write down the measurements and the number of windows in the trailer. Go to the home decor section of a department store and find curtains that fit your style. To save money, use the trailer's existing curtain rods.


    Reupholster the seat cushions. Measure the width and length of one side of each cushion. Add all of those numbers together and multiply by two because you'll redo both sides of a cushion. If the cushions are thick (one or two inches), measure the sides also; otherwise, just add eight to 12 inches to your final number so you're sure to buy enough material. Go to a fabric store and find a fabric that suits your style. Be sure it's a heavier material and stain-resistant. Cover the old fabric with the new and secure it with fabric glue.


    Paint the cabinets. Buy paint at a home improvement store. Buy something light that will brighten up your travel trailer. Remove the cabinet doors and hinges with a screwdriver. If the cabinets' surfaces are smooth, use sandpaper to roughen them so the new coat of paint will adhere to it. Paint the cabinets first, then the doors and leave them on the floor of the trailer to dry. When they're dry, reattach them to the cabinets.


    Replace the cabinet hardware. If the cabinet handles are old or worn, replace them. Use the screwdriver to take the old ones off. Count the number of handles and drawer-pulls you need and write down the number. Go to a home improvement store and find hardware that you like. Most handles and drawer-pulls come with screws, but if you buy some that don't, use the screws from the old hardware.


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